Over the years CYANT promoted a number of races which became annual events and recognised classics. Results of some of the better known races are listed in the table below. See separate honours lists for the Annual Champion and International Ocean Races.


Around the Islands

Cape Fourcroy

Turnbull Bay

Gunn Point & Buchanan Island

Cock of the Sea

  Line Honours Handicap        
1972         Rebel King Rebel King
1973       Dove   Dove
1974       Dove   Dove
1975 Stampede Stampede Temeraire Gecko Red Witch  
1976 Dove Dove   Dove Temeraire Dove
1977 Taby Taby        
1978 Taby Taby     Invincible  
1979 Js Amaze Kielee Taby Quart Pot Ned Kelly Taby
1980 Swindler Swindler Swindler      
1981 Swindler Swindler Swindler Swindler Swindler Swindler
1982 Swindler Swindler Swindler Tigress Centrefold Overdraught
1983 Quasar Kharma Swindler Tigress Js Amaze Js Amaze
1984 Rainbow Connection Exocet Quasar Quart Pot Swindler Overdraught
1985 Wings Exocet Beverleigh II Tigress Yacatoon Swindler
1986 Quasar Quasar Sequent Temeraire Temeraire Freestyle II
1987 Freestyle II Exocet Swindler   Wings Quasar
1988 Utopia Karana Stampede   NT Spirit Centrefold
1989 Utopia Utopia Berocca Karana Berocca Centrefold
1990 Ageir Centrefold Francis Claire Rock & Roll Rattle N Hum Rattle N Hum
1991 Australian Maid Australian Maid Australian Maid Jezmic D Js Amaze Centrefold
1992 Australian Maid Black Magic Australian Maid   NT Spirit Rattle N Hum
1993 Zanzibar Zanzibar     Kharma Kharma
1994 Australian Maid Australian Maid       Outsider NT
1995 Andromeda Raucous     Raucous Raucous
1996 Australian Maid Andromeda     Australian Maid Andromeda
1997 Andromeda Andromeda     Raucous Raucous
1998 Andromeda Zanzibar     Breakaway Outsider NT
1999         Balladier Outsider NT
2000         Australian Maid Andromeda
2001 Australian Maid Andromeda     Andromeda Andromeda
2002 Australian Maid Andromeda     Outsider NT Andromeda


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