In February 2005, the Indonesian sailing foundation Yayasan Cinta Bahari Indonesia (YCBI) announced that a second stopover after Alor had been arranged at Riung on the island of Flores featuring a festival and cultural displays.  Rally entry papers were sent out during the last week in March and soon sixty yachts had entered.  Within 4 weeks of entries being open 70 yachts had registered and the event was closed to further entries.
In August 2005, 69 yachts arrived in Kupang almost overwhelming the local Custom Immigration and Quarantine staff; all did a magnificent job and the processing of the yachts and it all went off without a hitch.
The whole town turned out to greet and treat the yachts to the first of four cultural experiences arranged by the YCBI, in cooperation with the office of the Kupang Mayor and the local Tourism Department.  The warm welcome to Indonesia climaxed with a gala dinner and cultural show hosted by the Governor of Nusa Tenggara Timor.  After 3 days of socializing, shopping and land tours, the yachts then headed north for the island of Alor.
These events were very new to the Indonesian government departments and everyone was on a steep learning curve. There have been some small teething problems but overall it has been positive and successful well beyond the planners’ expectations.
To reflect these changes the emphasis moved from the original concept of a race to Bali to include many other destinations throughout Indonesia and a second web site at was set up.  Here, all the latest information is available.  Sail Indonesia has now become arguably the largest yachting event in the ASEAN region.

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