Darwin Dili 1973 Yachts & NOR

Darwin - Dili Yacht Race 1973 Six yachts completed the inaugural Darwin Dili Yacht Race. These were (in alphabetical order) Amatuana, Bindi Borega, Nicolette, Rebel King, Scamp and Trident.


 Darwin - Dili Yacht Race 1973 Darwin - Dili Yacht Race 1973 Darwin - Dili Yacht Race 1973 Darwin - Dili Yacht Race 1973


Sail No. 5
Skipper: P Dermoudy & J Wilkins
Crew: G Wham, P Wilkins, F Middleton 
Built by the joint owners in Darwin in 1967. Winner of 1967, 1968 and 1969 CYANT “ocean races”. Plywood with fibreglass and ‘Dynel’ sheathing.
Amatuana derives from Aboriginal mythology meaning “Dolphin Man”.
Length: 28 feet Draught: 1 foot 8 inches; Beam: 14 feet
Sail Area: Jib – 140 sq ft; Main – 140 sq ft


Sail No. 112
Skipper: Stewart Parnaby
Crew: S Carter, J Wills, T Coulehan, M Rijkuris, B Rottman, C Trewin, 
Piver Loadstar Trimaran; cutter rigged sloop. Fibreglass on marine ply. Completed August 1972 in Southport QLD and sailed to Darwin arriving October 1972.
Length: 35 feet Beam: 24 feet 6 inches
Sail Area: Main – 280 sq ft, No. 1 Jib – 200 sq ft, No. 2 Jib – 180 sq ft,Spinnaker – 800 sq ft
Aux Power: 25 hp outboard
Bindi Borega
Bindi Borega


Sail No 111
Skipper: RJ (Bob) Lee
Crew: T Howard, D Tisdale, RAR Lee 
Cruising catamaran designed by Hedley Nichol of QLD and built in Darwin by skipper and crew. Plywood and fibreglass constructions and sloop rigged.
Length: 25 feet Draught: 16 inches, Beam: 16 feet Weight: 1 ton
Sail Area: Main – 150 sq ft, Genoa – 175 sq ft, Spinnaker – 500 sq ft
Aux Power: 8 hp Yamaha outboard


Sail No. 4
Skipper: W (Bill) Jelley
Crew: W Jelley Jnr, Lou Marchant, J McKellar 
Southerly 23 foot fibreglass sloop.
Length: 23 feet Draught: 4 feet, Beam: 7 feet, 4 inches Weight: 1.2 ton
Sail Area: 287 sq ft
Rebel King
Rebel King


Sail No T999
Skipper: Peter Buckley
Owner: Peter Coombe
Crew: Iain Rae, Nick Jones 
All steel masthead sloop of the Temptress class. One of 10 boats in Darwin by Buckley’s Boatyard. This class of yacht has proven itself locally and in other ocean races including the Sydney-Hobart.
Length: 34 feet Draught: 4 ft, 6 in, Beam: 10 fee, Weight: 3.5 ton
Sail Area: Main – 150 sq ft, Genoa – 175 sq ft, Spinnaker – 500 sq ft


Sail No 1
Skipper: Bruno Milevoj
Crew: B Fletcher, J Burns, J Amor, G Nancarrow
Blue Piver Loadstar Catamaran Ketch Rigged.
Length: 35 feet Beam: 21 feet Weight: 5 ton
Sail Area: 450 sq ft 
Aux Power: Archimedes Penta Outboard