The principal objects of The Association are:

  • To organise promote and conduct yacht races;
  • To promote safety and good seamanship within the Association;
  • To encourage promote and support sailing events and yacht races conducted by others;
  • To promote friendly relations between peoples of different countries through sailing events and yacht races; and
  • To disseminate and encourage the dissemination of information concerning sailing events and yacht races for the benefit of the community at large.

Click on this link for a PDF copy of CYANT’s Constitution.

President Ed Vincent
Vice President Anne Kemp
Treasurer David Woodhouse
Secretary John Simondson
Public Officer Ed Vincent
Committee Members All financial members are Committee Members
Special Events Liaison David Woodhouse; Anne Kemp
Division 1 Handicapper Bob Colman

CYANT has 4 classes of Membership:

1. Full Member - being a boat owner and/or sailing member accepted by the Association. A Full Member has full voting rights.

2. Associate Member - being any person or organisation interested in supporting the objects of CYANT. An Associate Member is not eligible to vote at any General Meeting of The Association. 

3. Life Member - being a Member of CYANT for life who has had Life Membership bestowed for exceptional and meritorious services rendered.   A Life Member has full voting rights.

4. Honorary Member - being a person who by virtue of their special qualities or otherwise, could assist in achieving the objects of CYANT.  Honorary Members enjoy all the benefits and privileges of Membership of CYANT and are exempt from payment of subscriptions.

Click here to download a Membership Application Form, or email us to come along to one of our meetings of functions

  • Anne Kemp
  • David Woodhouse
  • Noddy Blair
  • Geoff Chard (deceased)
  • Lou Marchant (deceased)
  • Neil ("Cocky") Goedhardt (deceased)
  • William ("Bill") Jelly (deceased)

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to contact us.